What are Macros Anyway?

Macronutrients are what make up the caloric content of a food. Sometimes referred to as "macros," the three categories of macronutrients are carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Counting macros (counting carbs, fats proteins), instead of just counting calories has been proven to help people achieve their weight loss goals much more efficiently and in a WAY more maintainable (AND FUN) way!

Inside You'll Learn:

How to Track Your Macros using My Fitness Pal (Carbs, Fats, Proteins) 

So you can feel confident knowing how much you're actually eating and what you need to eat to lose fat

How to prioritize HEALTHY foods when figuring out what you'll eat

So you can feel at ease knowing you're still getting in nutrient dense foods

How to fit "fun foods" into your macros

So that you don't feel restricted or like you're on a "diet" all the time. You'll be able to find that balance between eating healthy and actually enjoying your life!

How to plan out your week 

So that you're not just "wingin" it all the time and constantly falling off the wagon. You'll have a set plan that's flexible and full of foods you actually LIKE!


*How to Track Alcohol

My Intermittent Fasting Guide

*My Grocery Lists

*What to do when you're "out of a macro"

*My Morning Routine to establish the right mindset 

I've had a TON of people ask me how they can track their macros themselves. They can't afford or don't want one on one coaching, but want to learn how to track accurately themselves!

This is the FIRST version of this Macro Tracking Mini Course and I'll only be taking up to 50 people in this initial launch. After I beta test this and tweak it, the price will go up, so get in NOW before the spots fill up if you're ready to FINALLY learn how to accurately track you macros! 

*NOTE: This course does not teach you how to figure out your own macros!! I have a custom macros calculation available here