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How to track your macro-nutrients and fit "fun foods" into your diet

How to incorporate "Intermittent Fasting" into your diet


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Live videos from me answering your questions and helping you stay on track

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This community is about having fun while learning how to have that balance and not being so serious along the way. I think too many people take this so seriously, and while there are serious issues of course when it comes to body image and our health, that doesn’t mean we have to get out of it being SUPER serious all the time. We can actually ENJOY the process, have fun, and laugh at ourselves while gaining control and learning NEW habits.  

So if you’re ready to embrace your #prettyawkward self, I’d love for you to join my free community, with over 300 other ladies who are rockin it and loving every second of their journey, even when it sucks ;) 

What people are saying:

Megan Yelaney Bayen 

It is my mission to live life to the fullest & help other women do the same and find BALANCE in a crazy busy life! 

I struggled SO much with finding balance between food, fitness and fun in the past and was a classic “yo-yo” dieter. I had the “all or nothing mentality” and couldn’t shake it for YEARS. But I’ve truly found a balance and am not only the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been but I’ve helped hundreds of women feel the same way as well. 

I want to help other women realize they CAN get into the best shape of their lives without gadgets or quick fixes, and have a healthy LIFESTYLE while still having fun and not taking themselves too seriously <3

Progress, NOT perfection ♥ Let's take this one step at a time!